15 september 2018 @ 08:00 – 11:00
Our beloved planet

đź’š Together we can do it đź’š

Each one of us can do this, and all together we stand strong and say NO to plastic waste.
We are calling for a PlasticAttack around the world!!!

Mark the date:
đź’šđź’šđź’š 15 September 2018 World Plastic Attack Day đź’šđź’šđź’š

We’d like this to be big. We have links with quite a few countries now and several campaign groups.

Together with #WorldCleanUpDay we will challenge supermarkets, take away foodshops or staging visuals at Government buildings.

#WorldCleanUpDay will clean and #PlasticAttack will show up those selling waste!

This time we want as many countries in the world to join. Sounds ridicules? No it isn’t, waste is!

Please do overwelm us! Send us a request with the name of your town and country and we will create an event so you can start spreading the news!

We are also looking for more ambassadors!
If you would like to help us get things organised, send us a message and we’ll start working together. From the basis and up, people for people.🙏💪

This will be again a peaceful, polite, public protest about the colossal amounts of unnecessary single use throwaway plastic generated by shops, industries and takeaway outlets.

The aim is to create a simple idea and encourage the public everywhere to adopt it and take part.
Everyone does shopping after all – so it’s easy.

đź’š Thanks to all of you đź’š

PlasticAttackTeam and you…!


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